How to set up Fuzzbunch (Shadowbroker’s Dump/NSA Tools)

WannaCry was the hot topic of several months and it stemmed from the fact the Shadowbrokers uncovered some of the NSA’s tools, of which the Fuzzbunch exploit framework was discovered which has the DOUBLEPULSAR and ETERNALBLUE modules builtin. Metasploit also has the ETERNALBLUE module now built in, but my success with it has varied, plus the added bonus of being able to upload your own, custom, payload is a big factor when considering AV and IPS.

What you’ll need:

The Shadowbroker’s dump of NSA tools

A copy of Windows XP

Python 2.6.6:


Install Python first, then install Pywin32 after it. Nothing fancy with the settings, just install as normal. Next, download and extract the Shadowbroker’s dump file to the desktop.


Next, you’ll need to create the “listeningposts” folder under the “windows” folder in the shadowbroker’s file, as shown below, to avoid the listeningposts error.


Then navigate to the directory is in, as shown below, assuming you extracted the dump file to your desktop.


Finally, run to get the Fuzzbunch framework running.




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