Azure Penetration Testing Articles

Azure Virtual Machine Execution Techniques

In Azure, there are several ways to execute commands on a running virtual machine aside from using RDP or SSH to remote in and open a shell. One of the common ways to accomplish this in Azure is through the Run Command feature that is present on all Azure Virtual Machines. Since this is commonly […]

Attacking Azure & Azure AD, Part II

Abstract When I published my first article, Attacking Azure & Azure AD and Introducing PowerZure, I had no idea I was just striking the tip of the iceberg. Over the past eight months, my co-worker Andy Robbins and I have continued to do a lot of research on the Azure front. We’ve recently found some […]

Attacking Azure, Azure AD, and Introducing PowerZure

Over the past decade, Azure’s presence in businesses has grown significantly as new features and support were added to Azure. The purpose of this article is to cover three main points: Explain the components of Azure and how they fit into a modern IT environment. Explain how certain things within Azure can be leveraged from […]

AzureHound Cypher Cheatsheet

List of Cypher queries to help analyze AzureHound data. Queries under ‘GUI’ are intended for the BloodHound GUI (Settings>Query Debug Mode). Queries under ‘Console’ are intended for the Neo4j console (usually located at http://localhost:7474). Download the ‘Custom Queries’ json file here: GUI Return All Azure Users that are part of the ‘Global Administrator’ Role […]