Update # 2


I’ve registered for the PWK course for 90 days of lab time, starting on June 24th @ 10pm est and ending September 22nd, so the OSCP will probably be that week, hopefully.

I work full time, so I figured I would need the most time as possible. Once my lab time is up I’ll attempt the exam. I know if I were to take the exam now I would probably not even root one box, but I feel as though my preparation over the last year has prepared me for the PWK. The plan is when the lab opens up, to download all the training material. I won’t even begin scanning or pentesting; I’m just going to go through the course material and do the labs, taking notes when appropriate. I won’t be posting anything specific here, but I’ll be keeping personal notes.

Once I’ve finished the labs and course materials, I will then start pentesting the machines in the environment and document those as well. I’m prepared to have my confidence crushed, as others have before, and truth be told I doubt I’ll pass the OSCP on the first try as it usually takes a few. Next update will be June 25th!


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