PWK Update #1

It took me about a week to go through the course material. It was really good stuff and the videos were easy to follow. I did all the exercises and documented them because I did learn a lot. The format was simple: Watch the module’s video, read the section on it in the PDF, and then do the exercise. Some of the exercises were more challenging than others, but nothing way too difficult. If you do get stuck, there’s a very good chance someone else got stuck and posted a question on the forums. After the material I went into the lab where I took out Alice quiet easily. The next machine I looked at was Phoenix, and I was able to find an entry point but right as I was about to execute it, someone reverted the VM. I got kinda frustrated at that point and moved onto BOB, which I did not know was one of the most difficult ones in the labs. BOB is a Windows VM, and getting a limited shell wasn’t hard. Privilege escalation on Windows is something I have 0 experience with, so I relied on the forums for hints on this one. I got to the end knew exactly how to spawn a SYSTEM shell but something just wasn’t right as it was dying immediately. I got frustrated and opened a chat with an admin who asked me one question and it dawned on me I was an idiot and glanced right over the solution. I then was able to get a full system shell on BOB.

For those about to enter PWK, I heavily recommend reading over this site if you’re stuck



–Page 1: OSCP Journey

–Page 2: Start.

–Page 3: Update # 1

–Page 4: Update #2

–Page 5: Begin PWK

–Page 6: PWK Update #1 (Current)

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