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Right on time, I got the email from OffSec with my VPN credentials and a bunch of links to download the videos, .PDF, their forum, a DL link for their Kali VM, and other stuff. The PDF is 375 pages long, but the first 60 or so are just going over the course and what to expect and do. The format is quite simple: You start by watching the videos, then read the accompanying section in the PDF. They’re not copies of each other, so watching and reading might give separate bits of info, so it’s important to do both. I’m crawling through the content now, and it’s not overwhelming because I’m familiar with most of this stuff. It is kind of slow because of the necessity of doing and documenting the exercises. I do this because you can get 5 points added to the OSCP report at the end if you include a section for doing the exercises during PWK, and I learn better by just doing this. I’ve already learned a lot, and some things I thought I already knew how to do I learned how to do better, or learned why they work, which is more important. The videos are very well done and so far I’m very pleased.


–Page 1: OSCP Journey

–Page 2: Start.

–Page 3: Update # 1

–Page 4: Update #2

–Page 5: Begin PWK (Current)

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